The True Value of a Ceramic Coating

Ceramic paint coatings are well known to be very nice, but they are also known to be pretty pricey. Looking at the overall comparisons between ceramic coatings & waxes directly show that a ceramic coating will be more efficient, tough, and tolerant than a wax. In addition, ceramic coating longevity stands far above any wax or sealant options.

The largest barrier for consumers looking into Ceramic Coatings is undoubtedly the price. At anywhere from $500 to $2000+, the full process for a ceramic coating service is far more expensive than almost any wax or sealant job you can find. So the question is, why would you spend the extra money for a Ceramic? 

There is a reason Ceramics are more expensive. While a wax will typically last just 1-3 months, Ceramics are essentially permanent, if taken care of properly. With waxing, quarterly reapplication is generally recommended. The cost of these quarterly reapplications will add up over the months, years, and onwards. Additionally, waxing requires more maintenance and upkeep while providing LESS protection than a Ceramic Coating.

There are MANY advantages that come with a Ceramic Coating. If maintained properly, it is a nearly permanent solution, only being removed by abrasion if desired. Ceramic Coatings are one-time expenses, and you will never have to wax your car again. Even if you purchase a PREMIUM Ceramic Coating, you should be seeing large savings in the first 5 years. And that’s not all – there are numerous other benefits with a Ceramic Coating when compared to waxing.


Heat Tolerance

– Waxing offers 150 Degree Tolerance while Ceramics offer 400-1300+ Degree Tolerance.

Scratch Resistance Rating

– Ceramics offer a 9H resistance while Waxing does not protect against scratching.

Chemical Resistance

– Waxing does not provide chemical resistance, but Ceramics are 100% resistant.

Protection Length

– Waxing only lasts 1 to 3 months, while a Ceramic Coating is permanent if maintained.

When it comes to keeping your vehicle free from corrosives and various damaging substances, the optimal protection comes from a Ceramic Coating. They have much higher efficiency & longevity compared to a sealant or wax solution.

Another major difference between Ceramics and waxes is the hydrophobic nature of the Ceramic Coating. A wax will cause water to bead on your car, showing that it is protecting from the contaminants in rain. In spite of this protection, if beading water remains on your wax job – it’s extremely possible the water beads will damage your coat. With a Ceramic, this is a total non-issue. Hydrophobic sheeting capabilities within the Ceramic will not only cause the water to bead, but it will also result in the beads to fall off your car almost instantly, leaving no beads to damage your vehicle!!

Ceramic Coatings are clearly the number one paint protection product out there. On top of the standard ceramic coating services, there are high-level Nano-Ceramic coatings on the market today which physically bond to the paint, delivering a smooth, sturdy coat designed to protect. Various particles inside the Ceramic Coat will also protect against chemical erosion, harmful UV rays, and etching caused by bug splatter, bird droppings, acid rain, and more. High surface tension repels dirt, grime, and road salt from sticking to your car, further protecting from any scratches or blemishes that might affect your coat.


When you really break it down, it’s clear that Ceramics are FAR more efficient and protective than waxing in the long run, in addition to the savings that will come down the road with a Ceramic. What seems like the best option to you?