Ceramic Services 101

Does Ceramic Coating Actually Work?

When considering ceramic application, have you ever wondered if your car’s paint job will be okay, or if it is better than waxing and polishing? Maybe you have wondered if it is really worth the cost. 

When thinking about these things, it is really easy to be more undecided than before, after all there is SO much to consider. Contradictions and incorrect information are everywhere, so let us tell you and show you what’s real, and what isn’t.

We’ll tell you what ceramic coating is, compare it to other alternatives, and describe it as experts see it.


What IS a Ceramic Coating?

Car lovers like you want the same thing – they want their car to look beautiful & stunning all the time. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as easy as it sounds. 

Between dirt, smudges, scratches, stains, and paint chips, we know how frustrating keeping your car clean can be. When you have tried everything – daily washing, waxing, polishing, etc – it can be so tiring.

Ceramic Coatings are the solution you have been looking for. With extremely little maintenance and just a one-time application, ceramic coats will keep your paint job glimmering.

We know you’ve heard of ceramic coatings, after all – the people who get them, LOVE them. However, there are also critics and disbelievers who might try to convince you otherwise.

A professional grade chemical polymer solution is applied by hand, blending with your paint and adding a hydrophobic protection level for external toughness. This ceramic coating allows for a new layer, keeping your paint intact, protected, and gleaming.

As an alternative to waxing, the real inspiration was to stop dirt, staining, and unwelcome chips from hurting your paint job. To be clear, ceramic coatings are NOT an alternative to a ppf layer.

Depending on the type you have applied, your ceramic coating, or nano-ceramic coating, can be a permanent or semi-permanent solution for paint job protection. It doesn’t break down or wear away in normal weather – from high heat summers to snow storm winters.

The most common Ceramic coatings are Modesta, CQuartz, Ceramic Pro, Nanolex, and IGL Kenzo – and they are all used across the country due to their high quality results.

Now, let’s get into the why behind Ceramic Coatings.


Why are Ceramic Coatings so good?

Ceramic Coatings provide VAST advantages for your paint job. Other than it being a permanent and simplified way to take care of your car, it comes with various important protections and benefits.

To start off with, what we all want for our cars is for them to look good. Well, the good thing is with Ceramic Coatings, the aesthetic we all want is within reach. Your car will have a glossy, shining look to it, reminding you of how beautiful it was when you first got it.

Aside from the outer protection you will have with a ceramic coating, you will also gain Chemical Stain Protection and UV Ray Protection. Both of these can wear your paint job down and shorten it’s lifespan. The ceramic will save you from all general wear and tear, parked inside or out.

Last, but definitely not least, is the extreme hydrophobic nature of a Ceramic coating. Washing, waxing, and polishing can be ridiculously frustrating and time consuming. With the water-repelling coat, a simple water spray will leave your coat spotless.

This all sounds great, doesn’t it? That’s why ceramic coatings are constantly gaining more popularity and trust among the community. In spite of how amazing these coatings really are, there are still things that they can’t do.

A ceramic coating will not stop your car from needing a car wash. While it makes washing your car much easier and more effective, it still needs a wash every now and then for the coat to truly shine.

You are also still vulnerable to Water Spotting, Scratching, and Swirl Marks. The good thing, however, is your Ceramic Coating will protect the characteristics of your paint. 


It’s Expensive, but is it Worth the Cost?

In our opinion, it is MORE THAN WORTH the cost. Ceramic Coating has various benefits that will add serious value to your car. You will have an easier time keeping it looking beautiful – which means more time to enjoy it. Sadly, while there is still not a solution that will perfectly protect your paint job forever with no exceptions, ceramic coatings are simply the best way possible to improve & maintain your car’s shine. Additionally, like any other investment, you will see some serious savings down the road. 

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