Ceramic Aftercare

We know you want your recent Ceramic Coating to last as long as possible in the best shape possible – so here are some aftercare instructions to help you maintain the ceramic:

1. Only use Hand-washing & Touchless Car Washes on your Vehicle. Handwashing is optimal. Touchless Car Washes can also harm your paint due to the harsh chemicals used. Touch Washes WILL scratch your paint as well as the ceramic bond.

2. Bring your vehicle back to Shoreline 1 month after your Ceramic for Bond Inspection and a Professional Hand Wash.

3. Quickly remove all bird droppings on your Coat. They will seriously damage your exterior if left unattended! We recommend using Chemical Guys Waterless Wash or Adams Waterless Wash.

4. Your coat needs a Ceramic Booster every 3-4 washes to keep it in pristine condition. We can keep this up to date for you during our professional hand-washes.

5. Don’t use leaf blowers to dry your car! Just hand dry your vehicle to ensure it’s coat is not harmed – Ask us and we will recommend quality Drying Towels!!

6. You will receive a text from us on your 1-year Ceramic Anniversary to receive a Free Inspection, Ceramic Boost, and Hand Wash!!

If you have any other Ceramic Aftercare questions – contact us HERE.