Remote Start – All About Convenience

Convenience & Connectivity – Remote Start Most people have probably heard about remote starts, or know someone with one. Many newer vehicles come with a remote starter as a factory option or offer them as aftermarket accessories. They are becoming more common and popular within the auto industry for a reason! So, What Are The Benefits? The most well-known, and largest, benefit of having a remote starter installed is convenience. With today’s technology, you can

Radio Replacement: Why & Which One?

Radio Replacements: Why, & Which One? We live in a world that is getting more and more connected every day. Your phone is one of the most important things in your day-to-day life. Now, if you’ve been in a relatively new car recently, you’ve probably witnessed new touchscreen display technology (whether it was Apple CarPlay or Android Auto). Modern systems like these provide smartphone integration for both Apple or Android phones, giving you seamless connection

Ceramic Services 101

Ceramic Services 101 Does Ceramic Coating Actually Work? When considering ceramic application, have you ever wondered if your car’s paint job will be okay, or if it is better than waxing and polishing? Maybe you have wondered if it is really worth the cost.  When thinking about these things, it is really easy to be more undecided than before, after all there is SO much to consider. Contradictions and incorrect information are everywhere, so let

The True Value of a Ceramic Coating

The True Value of a Ceramic Coating Ceramic paint coatings are well known to be very nice, but they are also known to be pretty pricey. Looking at the overall comparisons between ceramic coatings & waxes directly show that a ceramic coating will be more efficient, tough, and tolerant than a wax. In addition, ceramic coating longevity stands far above any wax or sealant options. The largest barrier for consumers looking into Ceramic Coatings is

Ceramic Aftercare

Ceramic Aftercare We know you want your recent Ceramic Coating to last as long as possible in the best shape possible – so here are some aftercare instructions to help you maintain the ceramic: 1. Only use Hand-washing & Touchless Car Washes on your Vehicle. Handwashing is optimal. Touchless Car Washes can also harm your paint due to the harsh chemicals used. Touch Washes WILL scratch your paint as well as the ceramic bond. 2.