Convenience & Connectivity – Remote Start

Most people have probably heard about remote starts, or know someone with one. Many newer vehicles come with a remote starter as a factory option or offer them as aftermarket accessories. They are becoming more common and popular within the auto industry for a reason!

So, What Are The Benefits?

The most well-known, and largest, benefit of having a remote starter installed is convenience. With today’s technology, you can even start your car from your phone. You can have your car cooled down or warmed up before you even get in. Additionally, with a remote starter installed, you can also have the ability to globally access your vehicle’s location, battery health, and even check if your doors are locked. In a world where everything is connecting, you can make your life easier by getting connected to your car.

Convenience is not, however, the only benefit that comes with remote starters. Engine health and driver safety are also improved through the use of remote start. In the winter, car engines need ample time to warm up before driving. When you start your car to warm up before getting in, you are also supporting your engine’s health. Another small but important benefit from the remote start is safety. When your car is already warm, it is easier to defrost the windows, headlights, and brake lights, which improves both driver visibility and your vehicle’s visibility to others.

Important Things To Know

When it comes to remote starters, it’s critical to make sure the parts that get installed are specifically tailored to your vehicle. To ensure that your car is properly and successfully connected to your new remote start, make sure that you are working with a nationally certified installer (MECP) or an active member of the aftermarket industry (SEMA).

With the correct parts and the right installation specialist, even diesel vehicles and manual transmission vehicles can be safely connected to a remote start system. Last but not least, nearly all of today’s remote start installations are capable of digitally “learning” your key. With this, you won’t have to relinquish your spare key to the installer to get your car started. And today’s smart remote starters, when installed correctly, are seamlessly and safely connected to your factory security and computer system.

Dedicated to Excellence

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