Radio Replacements: Why, & Which One?

We live in a world that is getting more and more connected every day. Your phone is one of the most important things in your day-to-day life. Now, if you’ve been in a relatively new car recently, you’ve probably witnessed new touchscreen display technology (whether it was Apple CarPlay or Android Auto). Modern systems like these provide smartphone integration for both Apple or Android phones, giving you seamless connection between your car and your phone.

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

These in-car assistant systems enable access to certain features of your phone, through your phone interface or your infotainment system. With both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you can safely and easily play music, listen to incoming messages, and get turn-by-turn navigation. And you can do them all by voice command or touchscreen input. Overall, they provide better functionality, fewer distractions, and a better look than your old setup.

Specifically, These Are Some of the Benefits

Connectivity – As previously discussed, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto both provide high-level connectivity to your phone. You can access different applications, functions, and tools that you wouldn’t previously be able to use while driving. And, you can do it with your voice!

Visibility – With a large screen to display your information of choice, you can read that information much easier than the basic, single-line radio display you may be used to. This keeps you focused on the road and away from your phone.

Safety – Besides keeping your eyes on the road, today’s smart radios can connect to an added camera on the rear of your vehicle. If you haven’t used a backup camera before, they can be a valuable for avoiding accidents or close calls. Many new options also offer the opportunity for multiple camera inputs!

Navigation – One of the most obvious benefits is the on-screen GPS navigation feature. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay radios can mirror your Waze, Google, or Apple smartphone navigation apps, and the directions show up big and easy to read. You can turn on voice directions as well!

Customization – Of course, the music information and phone call information will be displayed on your dashboard. However, most new car-assistant systems allow you to design the appearance and functions of your “radio dashboard” based on your specific desires and needs.

Despite having all of these amazing features, you can still get distracted by these systems. Make sure you are being safe while driving, with or without a touchscreen system!

Is Apple or Android Better?

In truth, both options work extremely well and make driving a better experience. And nearly all of today’s “smart radios” work with both Apple and Android phones equally. If you have an Apple iPhone but your passenger has an Android smartphone, not to worry. Simply connect your smartphone to the radio; the system will recognize what’s connected and will automatically switch from Apple to Android or vice-versa. The radio will then display all of the apps and features that work with the operating system connected! Most importantly, make sure to consult with and work with experienced, professional installers who are well-versed in this new and exciting technology. They will ensure a safe, clean, and reliable installation that is certain to fit in your vehicle. Now go and have fun with your new car stereo system!

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